Sea Freight.

Cost Effective and Reliable.

Container shipping that’s plain sailing.

For more than 25 years, we have been fulfilling customers logistics needs using sea freight, whether it’s short sea or deep sea, for export, import, cross-trade shipping, breakbulk and out-of-gauge.
Neba’s shipping services for FCL and LCL are always reliable and very competitive. We have excellent connections with all major shipping lines allowing us to give you the best tariffs with priority vessel space and equipment.
The Neba team will analyse the best routes for your goods to get them from start to finish in the quickest possible transit time. We advise on the best method of transport, create stowage plans, help with export documentation, customs and packing requirements.

Why use sea freight?

Cost effective and reliable.

Sea freight, in general, is more cost effective and less expensive than air freight. Container shipping helps our customers to reduce their logistics costs significantly compared to using air transport. If you are shipping less than a container load, your price is often determined by cubic meter. With larger and heavier shipments, it is often much cheaper to ship by sea.

Today’s shipping schedules offer the chance for frequent and reliable movement of goods and with longer transit times planning ahead is vital.

FCL and LCL.

FCL means full container load and LCL is less than container load. Customers use FCL when their goods can fill a whole container – usually a 20’ or a 40’ container.

Based on carrier routing options, FCL is a great transit-time-to-cost method of shipping your goods. FCL gives you schedule flexibility, high frequency of sailings per port-pair and good availability of equipment at each end.

Breakbulk cargo.

Breakbulk cargo (or ‘project cargo’) is freight which is too large to be transported on a single flat rack or platform. Typically, breakbulk cargo is loaded across multiple flat racks on the deck of a vessel and then secured for shipment. It is non containerised and is usually transported as individual pieces due to cargo often being oversized and overweight meaning freight containers cannot accommodate the cargo. Cargoes include goods such as construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, yachts, steel and so on.

Due to reduction of costs and minimising the possibility of theft/damage most of the world’s freight is now containerised meaning it fits into ISO standard containers but because of size and weight restrictions there is still a lot of cargo (such as oversized and heavyweight equipment) which has to be shipped breakbulk.


Out-of-gauge cargo is freight which is too large to fit inside one of our standard 20 ft, 40 ft or 40 ft high cube containers. Instead, this cargo can be safely transported on a platform, flat rack or in an open top container.

Why use Neba Freight?

Expertise and service.

At Neba, we want to make your shipping and logistics seamless by acting as your single point of communication.You no longer need to try and get hold of multiple contacts between shipping lines, packing firms, customs, and hauliers – we are everything you need in one place.

We get to know you and your business and understand your processes so we can integrate within your logistics chain. Import and export can create complex processes, systems and documentation, but our highly-skilled and expert team take the time and hassle out of these issues for you.

With over 25 years experience in handling all types of cargo from a variety of industries on a daily basis we feel we offer you the best advice, service and costs to make your business competitive.

Reliable and trusted network.

We have a select, tried and trusted group of partners around the world picked for their capability to deliver adaptable services and meet the challenges and requirements of your business and your markets.

Our partners are checked for professionalism, operational capability and, importantly, financial stability on a regular basis. This provides security of supply for all points in the chain and ensures your goods correctly handled from start to finish. Our sea freight services offer you our exceptional customer service, security and reliability.

Cross-trade shipping.

Cross-trade shipping is the process where goods are transported by road, rail, air or sea from one country to another but not through the local business base. For example, Neba Freight often move shipments from China to Africa without the goods coming via the customer who is based here in the UK.

Our trusted network of global partners in major transport hubs around the world means we are perfectly situated to carry out cross-trade shipments. We can provide best-in-class cross-trade services for shipments of any size from almost any port worldwide to the most hard-to-reach destinations.

We handle intricate cross-trade movements across land, sea and air with care, accuracy and proficiency thanks to our expert staff, the diversity of our overseas shipping agents and our other global partner professionals.

Let's get you moving.


Neba Freight is located in the UK within easy reach of major transport hubs such as London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports as well as major ports including Felixstowe/London Gateway/Tilbury and all UK other ports. Proximity to the road infrastructure including the M25, M3, M4 and M40 motorways allows us to get to customers quickly and easily.

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