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Neba Freight is experienced and qualified to help your business with effective and tailored domestic and international goods distribution. Our trained and highly-skilled team ensure operational excellence as well as cost-effective solutions that meet your needs in terms of transit time and flexibility.
Our road freight services can be easily combined with our air, rail or sea freight thanks to our global network and our expertise. This gives you true multimodal door-to-door distribution and freight to any location at any time.

Why use road freight?

Door-to-door services.

The main advantage of road freight is that goods can be moved directly from door to door – from manufacturer to distributor or from city to town. It allows goods to get to the most rural areas and deliver the goods directly to the door.

Road haulage can also act as the link between other freight methods such as rail, sea and air, in a true multimodal solution.

Quick and cost effective.

Road freight is extremely cost effective and quick when moving goods over short distances.

As goods can be loaded directly into the vehicles and taken directly to the destination, the risk of delays in the supply chain is minimised and the need for reloading goods is removed.

Flexible transportation.

Road freight has great flexibility with routes as well as schedules that can be easily adjusted to individual requirements, providing a convenient solution.

If road haulage is affected by weather or traffic conditions, it is the only shipping method that has the ability to quickly work around such delays and find alternative routes.

FTL and LTL.

FTL means Full Truck Load and is the quickest door-to-door service with the shortest transit for all standard services as well as special transports such as heavy and oversized goods.

LTL is Less than Truck Load and is a cost-effective alternative to individually packaged shipments with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Why use Neba Freight?

Quick and easier imports.

Using road freight services can make importing much easier for customers in the UK, where cargo has to be customs cleared, deconsolidated and then moved to its final delivery point.

We are able to help reduce the transit time through the arrival port by ensuring all documentation is correct and have the cargo loaded onto a suitable road freight vehicle to deliver in the UK as soon as is possible.

We can organise the right type of vehicle capable of delivering your goods where there may not be suitable unloading facilities or where the goods are out-of-gauge and need specialist handling.

Part of our multimodal solution.

At Neba, our experience and global network allows us to offer fast and reliable multimodal solutions that use a variety of shipping methods saving customers time and money.

Flexible, time sensitive shipments.

Using our expertise in analysing your shipments, we can help you to ship your goods quickly and easily with express services for FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck load).

If a shipment is somewhere between FTL and LTL we can look at PTL (partial truck load) services. This method provides quick transit times and less handling of goods and benefits our customers with savings on money and time.

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Neba Freight is located in the UK within easy reach of major transport hubs such as London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports as well as major ports including Felixstowe/London Gateway/Tilbury and all UK other ports. Proximity to the road infrastructure including the M25, M3, M4 and M40 motorways allows us to get to customers quickly and easily.

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