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Let the train take the strain…

Faster than sea and cheaper than air, rail freight is a great option for bulk freight transport across Europe and further east. The addition of new lines has opened up quick, economical rail freight links between Northern Europe and China. The significant infrastructure improvements in Northern Europe and the UK are helping to get freight traffic off the roads making distribution better for the environment and lowering costs.

We have years of experience in dealing with rail freight and the new opportunities that are opening up allow us to help our customers make the switch as well as forming part of our global offering of freight services.

Why use rail freight

Better for the environment
Rail transport is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of moving goods with its low to zero carbon emissions, especially with more and more carriers and infrastructure operating with “green” electricity. Statistics suggest that a freight train consumes two-thirds less energy and emits three-quarters less carbon dioxide than a lorry.
Safe and secure
As a track-guided system, rail freight is one of the safest modes of transport. This makes it ideal for the movement of hazardous goods such as mineral oil products, chemicals, gases and toxic industrial waste.
Highly reliable
Rail transport is extremely reliable particularly when compared to sea freight. Shipping from, for example, China to northern Europe can take between 40 and 50 days. Rail freight reduces this long transit time and also minimises the risk of sudden delays caused by bad weather or congestions in ports.

Why use Neba Freight

Experience and expertise in rail
Rail freight is enjoying a resurgence thanks to new links from China into western markets as well as improved infrastructure in Europe and the UK. Although it’s new to many companies it isn’t to Neba Freight. We’ve worked with rail freight providers from the start of the business and have built up relationships with all the major carriers, old and new. Our experience and knowledge in rail transport allows us to give our customers the best rates, quickest routes and great advice on this growing sector.

We can also combined rail with all of the other services we provide to create a truly multimodal solution that works for our customers and their businesses.

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